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Pro Tips for Indie Artist:

We're here to provide you with a quick guide to success with your indie career. Here's 10 tips that will have you well on your way. Whether you have to reevaluate or redesign your regime, everything you need is packaged right here.


1. Develop a brand identity and raise awareness:

For starters get eye catching graphics, but remember LESS is MORE. When choosing what the look of your brand will be and how will it convey who you are to your audience try to incorporate the things that are near and dear to you and some of your best qualities. Choosing colors such as red, blue, orange, and in some cases even yellow have been proven to gravitate to the consumer eye more. When raising awareness to your brand find what works for you! Be personable and professional at best.

2. Build a presence on + off social media:

It is undeniable that the internet and social media has helped take music to drastically new heights. Artist now have access to people whether industry related or just your average consumer more than any other era. Yes, use the internet and all of its many tools to their advantage but remember personable personalities and formal handshakes open doors further. It is imperative that you know how to engage with not only your audience but officials as well outside of social media.That's what seals the deal. In addition to this, how people view you in person tends to make a stronger and better mark. Here's where branding identity also comes in, people know how to pick you apart whether its your personality, the way you speak, the way you dress, or your skill it leaves and impression on them that they couldn't just receive on social media. Go outside, get active, interact. You'll notice the more you become a familiar face things literally land in your lap.

3. Make your network work for you!

This is probably the most important piece of advice that I could give to any creative. Do not be afraid to use your business relationships, they are made for a reason! Developing and watering your relationships is probably the most pivotal part of your career. Use who you know to advantage, and no I don't mean finesse, but truly stretch out that hand if you feel as though the connection can be useful in where you are trying to go. Keys open doors and relationships are the key in the music industry. People can know absolutely nothing about but see you with another familiar face and want to be around you. Again, the familiar face tactic and why it's important to go outside. * Introvert friendly also.

4. Stop waiting on labels and people to find your music!

Market your sound to the best of your ability. Whether it's switching up flows or trying new beats. Playing with your technique is something that will do wonders for you as an artist, it makes you versatile and less prone to being boxed in. People don't know what they like until everyone likes it or it's constantly in their face. PUT IT IN THEIR FACE. So to the artist crying about people not supporting them, find that you will always be your biggest supporter. Secondly, if you're constantly putting out post about not getting support think about what that tells your audience. Develop a mark or a stable characteristic that gravitates the people. The golden ticket of what you may think may be a label is not the end goal.


Remember how I said relationships are the keys? And that keys open doors? Well look at it this way, if your walking into the same room that contains the same keys to the door that you're already in, how are you getting through the rest of the house? AH HA! You see my point. This is equivalent to performing at the same shows, with the same crowd, and the same promoters. Stop being complacent and go explore. Find other promoters and even different crowds. This is a part of making yourself marketable. Also, you'll realize after awhile that being in those same rooms makes things a little jaded over time.

6. Play your strengths!

Simple, use what you're good at so you can be an asset to any team. Whether it's showcases that fit your sound, photo shoots that are needing someone with your look, etc. My point is USE IT. May your opportunities be what you're good at, the product will be outstanding every time.

7. Know the Industry.

Know what is required when you do get your big break. Know what's needed to even be considered a key player to your industry of choice. This is even key to your starting point and seeing how you'll navigate your way in. Know your deals, know who you need on your team at the early stages of your career, KNOW HOW TO NEGOTIATE!

8. Get the best of the best on your team!

Get individuals who know the industry just as much if not better than you! For indie artist, this is your managers, your social media managers, your producers, your videographers, photographers, etc. I'm not saying go haywire, but fit your budget. Know your true budget and get quality added to your brand. Know when these players are necessary, meaning don't get a manager until you truly need them to manager something. INVEST in you and only invest in quality.

9. Build connections don't burn them!

This point ties into 7 and 8, but all of the above. I understand some relationships depending on the circumstances have to meet an end eventually but the overall point to this tip is to ensure you're not the root cause. DO GOOD BUSINESS! Bad business doesn't just disappear, that's an everlasting impression. Last thing you want to be is a person who is known for always throwing a wrench in their relationships. That'll put a stop to your endless flow of relationships.

10. Invest in quality sound and visuals!

This is far more important than you may think and it makes a world of difference when you actually start taking heed to it. You can have the most fye song out to date but if it isn't mixed right you've loss have of your viewers or listeners already. An engineer is top three on your team! Producers and engineers are different, know the difference. Make sure your music is mixed how you like and to perfection. Visuals are all about quality and angles. Keep your concepts fresh and be sure to have someone who can bring your exact vision to life.


10 Pro Tips served up to you on a silver platter. For more follow the MaraMGT Clan on Instagram and Twitter for all of your creative heat. And don't forget to tell a friend of a friend.

Instagram + Twitter: @MaraMGT_



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