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Does Breezy Have First Quarter's Anthem?

New York, New York - Hip Hop is bringing back the New York essence but with a twist. With acts, such as Maiya The Don, Lola Brooke, and Billy B to name a few the girls are sending the streets on a run for their money. New York native, Breezy, is strutting her way to the forefront with Bad Bitches. Though released in November of last year, it is to no surprise that Bad Bitches has social media in a frenzy. The media has taken a liking to the precedence of the New York drill scene, particularly TikTok which has skyrocketed a number of underground sounds. Breezy has received spins from Hip Hop royalty and Rap IT girls such as Remy Ma and Coi Leray recently. The track is an undeniable catch, however we have to commend producer, FCKBWOY, for his mastery of sampling Sonder's 2022 track "Mad Riches" is a complete win.

"If your b* a baddie, better wife it."


For more on Breezy, click the link below and stream "Bad Bitches" today.



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