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Has Banhoes' Unique Style Caught Your Attention Yet?

Winston-Salem, NC – a city brimming with artistic flair, whether it's the rhythmic beats of music, the fluidity of dance, or its well-earned reputation as an independent film haven. Within this creative crucible, Banhoes, a homegrown talent of North Carolina, joins forces with Bosh Novart from the esteemed NovART films, giving life to their collective vision in the form of "Tell."

What sets "Tell" apart is its masterful reimagining of Clara La San's soulful anthem, "In This Darkness." This fresh and innovative take on the sample hits all the right notes, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape. In an era dominated by drill sounds and the surge of subgenre hip hop, the art of the sample flip reigns supreme, and Banhoes delivers it with finesse. The two-minute track is a sonic delight that takes listeners on a journey through sound. Banhoes has unquestionably emerged on our radar.


Find Tell on all streaming platforms and check out more on Banhoes today via all social media platforms.

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