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Bringing a New Meaning to Night Cap: Anita x Spend The Night

Anita brings a new meaning to the word songtress, with a 3 and 0 record, she has proven her ability to go hit for hit and there is no doubt that this streak will see an end any time soon. In her latest melodic score, Anita tackles the modern idea of what a relationship entails in her track Spend the Night. Like most of us, she gambles on what her next move is in the constant battle of mind over matter. Her immediate hesistance leads a night of curiousity in the end and Anita unchallengingly conveys with vivid imagery, a night with her soon to be flame through a wave of melodic cadences.

Anita is everything that you didn't know you needed, with a pleathora of soothing sounds, it's to no suprise that her latest track Spend the Night was even more enchanting.


For more on the Houston Songstress, tune into all social platforms and stream Spend the Night here:

Instagram :


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