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What's The Word?: Telfy x Maiya The Don

" Lil Baby want a Minaj with the body it's BUSSIN". Maiya the Don, femcee and Brooklyn native took Tik Tok by storm within 15 seconds with just one catchy yet captivating line. Managing to effortlessly rap over a string-enthused drill beat, Maiya the Don exurberates what true confidence looks and sounds like.

In the past two years, Telfar has taken the fashion world by storm for its emphasis on urban style yet luxury. The Telfar handbag truly embodies the saying "it's not on me, it's in me.", though it may not share the same price range of a Chloe or Chanel bag to name a few, the fact remains that the impact certainly holds the same stature, you must be fly. One thing for certain, The Don has us covered when it comes to our Instagram captions for the remainder of the year.


For more, stream Maiya the Don on all platforms.

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