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Winston-Salem, North Carolina. North Carolina has been a melting pot of emerging talent for the the past two years, now Samurai Yola is here to add fuel to the flame. The nine tracked project, FIYOW is action packed with a few heavy hitting punch lines and a variation of flows and cadences. Recording as the B-Side of Yola's popular project, From the Tre With Love, FIYOW is the ying to its yang.

FIYOW tells a story of rejection, drugs, lusts, and success in a sense which are all components of what makes the fast life well worthwhile. Bad Intro is the perfect depiction of the ride you're in for with FIYOW, with a melancholy melody to a rapid transition of gritty yet beat punching bars this was a smart play in the Samurai's handbook. Though the concept of this project was rather strategic, that's not the only thing that sets Yola's masterpiece apart. Yola is accompanied by some fairly honorable artist within North Carolina's triad area. With features from Banhoes, LA Big Tripp, and North Carolina's rising star, Tia Corine. It's a compilation of well packaged rage, mixed emotions, earsplitting bass, and complimenting hi hats.

Often times, when toggling through submissions I truly never know what to expect. Things can either go extremely well or horribly wrong. You really have to surf through mail with an open mind. My purpose of disclosing this to you is for you to get a vast feeling of how immensely refreshing it was to open this body of work. There were many twist and turns but I enjoyed every second of the ride into Samurai Yola's creative space. This nine tracked piece of art is unlike anything I've heard in an extremely long time. To sum it up in the most eloquent way, this project is absolutely no skips in the most literal way possible you can't possibly skip any track on FIYOW to get the full vision. Bad Intro, SS2, Big Check, and Tell hold a special place in my heart. I can't wait to see what heights FIYOW reaches.


For more on Samurai Yola, stream FIYOW today. You can also keep up with the artist through his social platforms.

Twitter: @SamuraiYola

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