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[New Music] Ar'tistick x Sauce 1 of 1

Album Review


I had to take some time to marinate on this statement, but Ar'tistik is certainly in my top five favorites of Indie projects of 2020 thus far. From the sweet serene acoustic elements on Hard 2 Live and Love Sick to the pain filled melodies of Risk It All and Melodies From Heaven the project is an ultimate no skipper. The crafting of this project is impeccable and reflects the true time consumption and effort a true artist.

Hailing from the city of Winston-Salem, artist Sauce 1 of 1, provides a just that. A sauce that is rather unique from the distinct Carolina sound. Followed by a wave of anticipation, the 6 tracked EP sits at 17 minutes but is nothing short of music to the ears. However, the magic doesn't stop at the music itself. The North Carolinian artist simultaneously released two visuals to top off the climate of the release. Hard 2 Live, one of the leading singles from the Ar'tistick EP, is accompanied by a smooth, trap melodic yet subtle visual featuring Huleo. There is absolutely no doubt that Ar'tistick has set a new tone and twist to Sauce 1of 1 and his persona but yet established a definite stamp of the term artist to a plethora of notable titles.


For more on the artist, tune into the artist social platforms and stream Ar'tistick here today.

Twitter + Instagram: @Sauce1of1

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