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ShyFromdatre is heating things up in the carolinas:


The Winston-Salem bred artist, $hyFromDaTre, has been setting ablaze since releasing her debut track, Eat Em Up, in Mid 2019. From releasing tracks such as 1730 to Bestfriend, which has recently surpassed 1 million views and is a source of a current viral trend on Tik Tok, $hy is literally the life of the party now. Though Clout Chaser is her latest release after some time of a non-release streak, $hy certainly didn't remain dormant. She bodied features just as she would solo tracks from featuring on popular songs such as Area 52. Clout Chaser was nothing less than a well calculated return. There's absolutely no doubt that $hyfromdatre will be one of the next artist to shine from the Carolinas.


Check out more of $hyfromdatre on all platforms and stream Clout Chasers today.

Twitter + Instagram: @Shyfromdatre

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