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6 Do's and Don'ts for Emerging Artist:

Over the years, the music industry has experienced drastic changes. Some that most artist will find useful, others not so much. With the rapid growth of the internet and social media artist have just about all of the tools needed to sell and promote their music right at their fingertips. However establishing a presence as an indie artist can be quite the challenge. Come escape over-saturation with 6 helpful tips from the MaraMGT gang.


1. Remember why you started. Do it for the love of music.

Don't do it for the money.

If money is your only objective within your overall process, get ready for a short lived career. Being wise with your profits and making smart, relevant investments is what will carry the start of your career. Investing in things such as a great PR, promotion, and other marketing tools are great starters. On the more creative side of things, buying quality merch for your brand is always good. Revisiting why you started on this path and standing on your purpose will always move you creatively. After prioritizing these things you will see a ripple effect with success and cash flow.

2. Do, bring your A game and always try to maintain professionalism.

Don't strike out + half step.

Beyond music, professionalism may very well be the key to your next endeavor. Your music won't always speak for you. Yet, looking and acting the part will. Having a current EPK, professional photos of some sort, a short and concise bio, and a website are all distinct things that sets an invested artist ahead of the curve.

When it comes to your music, don't settle just because you're eager to drop a new tune. It needs to be mixed to perfection and completed entirely.

3. Don't overflow your listeners with music.

Do, strategically plan for releases.

Remember, it's quality over quantity. I've witnessed many artist lose momentum because of their personal belief that you have to constantly drop to be a dope artist. ERNT! WRONG. Be exclusive and make your listeners miss you. That does not suggest that you pull a Frank Ocean but you aren't 2009 Gucci either. Have a strategic plan for releasing singles let alone EPs or LPs

Other things to analyze before releasing is your personal engagement across platforms. If your numbers aren't where they should be it's time to apply pressure elsewhere such as building an organic following and yearn for your content. It doesn't help to have a classic body of work with no active listeners.

4. Don't live through social media.

Do, get out there and perform.

This is the holy grail, the golden rule, and sworn promise to being an artist. Your physical presence is just as if not more important than you internet or social presence. GET OUT THERE AND SHAKE HANDS. It will make your connections last a lot longer. Having constant gigs is great but be sure to add variation in what crowds you are performing for and what venues. Here's where exclusivity comes back in to play. You don't want to become a familiar face at the same venue or same club night, that's the easiest way for your fans to get tired of your act. Meet new promoters, seek different performing nights, maybe even different cities or states.

5. Do, keep a catalog.

Don't be afraid to monetize.

Be platform friendly. With the growth of the internet and the streaming privileges that have come with it, your music should be available everywhere. Monetize your artist accounts and don't be afraid to collect those royalties. Look into being with one of the big three, BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC. See who's for you and run it up.

6. Do, strive for more.

Don't get complacent.

Nothing's more rewarding than gaining momentum and getting the fruits of your labor. Your merch is selling, streams are rising, and tickets are selling. That's fantastic but never think you're too ahead of the curve. Research constantly, study blueprints of those before you, and be innovative with your tactics. The world is yours.



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