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Millennials, How Are You Living?

Yo, Generation X and my Millennial babies I got a question for you, how are you living?

First things first let's break that term down and see exactly what that means. Straight from Webster's mouth here is the definition: full of VIGOR, ACTIVE and functioning, TRUE to life. Is that you? If so kudos to you my friend you have graduated from the school of hard knocks! Word to homie Lil Ronny, throw that a** in a circle because you have found the elixir to life. L I V I N G ladies and gentleman. Being the best you no matter who wants to try and test you because of your unique beautiful qualities that you possess. I've been meditating on this for awhile now. I ask myself am I truly living? I see my heart beating out of my Hanes tee but am I truly alive and awake? Do I hear the birds telling me good morning when I rise? Do I see my mother clearly and feel her unlimited love she has for me? Am I learning from the hidden blessings disguised in a multitude of failures? Am I showing up and showing out with my God giving superpowers? I have a fear of being shriveled up, tiny, with a head full of grays, not from the color change that comes with age but from the woes of my heart due to regrets and the powerful question of why. Why didn’t I, x,y, and z? I challenge you guys to look in the mirror and ask yourself am I truly living and being the best me. If the answer is no that's okay be easy on yourself, you have time to fix you, you’re not a lost cause. Get to work baby! I leave you with this sentiment, step away from normalcy and become unpredictable; move from complacency to greatness; transcend mediocrity into excellence.

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