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Grey Talks with Red Velvet Papi:

New York. Hailing from New York, Red Velvet Papi releases a nine tracked, self produced EP titled Grey that encapsulates human emotions and the various streams of thoughts that occurs in the depressed state of mine. The intro track, What a Drag, sets the tone of what's to come from elaborate bars on relationship issues, parental debacles, and other shifts that creatives face on the road to success. Though expressive music is certainly a set trend, the New York artist places more vulnerability on the table which is nothing short of commendable. With melancholy bars and jazz, blues production Red Velvet Papi pours into his emotions and gives us an unfiltered lens of what it's like to be on his end of the specturem. Though the artist is an advocate of self expression, in our recent interview Papi also touches on the fact that even though music has been an outlet of choice for the artist, he is certainly an advocate for seeking help through other mediums such as therapy.

To accompany the project, the artist also released a visual to the track, Thoughts. The leading single really focuses in on what challenges an artist faces while on the road to riches. Papi touches on the different life paths that he took versus his inner circle and the constant opinion or snares rather that can be placed upon him for the choice of being an artist. When we asked Red Velvet Papi what it means to be Grey in his own words, he described it as a median between things could be great however things could be much worse which is a sentiment that I am sure we can all relate.


For more on the artist, tune into all streaming platforms and social handles. Also stream, Grey, here today.

[Latest Interview] SCOUTED with Red Velvet Papi

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