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Watch The Walls x Keilan Chayce:

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St. Mary's County, Maryland. You may be familiar with his bouncy lyrics and upbeat production. Not ringing a bell yet? Maryland artist, Keilan Chayce, was featured on MaraMGT earlier this year with his track, Brother. However, a lot has changed since the early days of quarantine. Keilan Chayce, formerly known as Keichainz, is back with a purpose with the latest release of his EP 'Watch the Walls'. The four tracked, self produced EP is certainly quite the rebrand, the artist's name isn't the only thing that's striking us as refreshing but the artist's flow and delivery has us eager for what's next. With placing 'Daylight' as the opening track, it's a clear indicator that Keilan is back with a new hunger and advocacy for doing what you want to do! That's not all, diving into track 3 titled as Watch the Walls! you get a unique blend of hip hop on a distinct pop production. In summary, impressed would be an understatement. There's a new force passing through, allow him to introduce himself as Keilan Chayce.


For more on the artist, tune into all streaming platforms for Keilan Chayce, and stream Watch the Walls today.

Twitter + Instagram: @KeilanChayce

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