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Rona and Relief: How to Carry Your Creative Ventures Through Adversity

For many, the coronavirus outbreak means losing months of income or stopping business entirely. With a recent rise of non-profits, government agencies, and other top charted companies stepping in as aid in a time of dire need, we were moved to share some of the tools that are at your disposal.



The Small Business Administration provides local and national assistance to small business owners throughout the year. Whether you need a business plan or need to grow your business the SBA provides a number of initiatives to get you started and on your way. Since the spiral of COVID-19 the organization has provided various resources such as loan resources, debt forgiveness or relief, and simple small business advice to keep you business afloat. For more information, explore your options on

The Safety Net

For creatives residing in the Bay Area, The Safety Net is a non-profit organization that is here help aid and support you during the COVID-19 crisis. Creators who typically make their living offline whether it is a medium through events or retail establishments are a priority. These individuals have suffered due to delayed or closed events and/or establishments as a result of Coronavirus. This includes performing artists, musicians, visual artists, event curators, and more. The Safety Net offers grants to artist with ZERO expectation of reimbursement. The grant is a maximum of $500 a month per person and the number of grants per month is depending on funds raised. Check out and see if you qualify.

Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation

The Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation has an emergency grant program and the Individual Support Program to assist mature visual artist. Artist must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 10 years in a mature phase in areas of painting, sculpture or printmaking. THERE IS NO DEADLINE. The maximum amount allotted through the grant is $15,000, however an award of $5,000 is standard. Do you qualify? Apply at

Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

For creative mediums such as visual artist, media artist, and chereographers the Rauschenberg Emergency Grant offers up to $5,000 for unexpected medical emergencies. The money CANNOT be used for anything that is unrelated to medical needs. Deadline? Late May/Early June of 2020., for more.

Freelancers Union: Freelancers Relief Fund

The Freelancers Union have put together their own relief fund and it is powered by companies such as Fiverr, Upworl, and AND.CO. All platforms that are known for providing creative artist with a source of displaying their work while simultaneously gaining income. The Freelancers Relief Fund will provide financial assistance up to $1,000 to freelancers that have experienced sudden hardship. for more.

"It is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

- Rumi

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