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North Carolina. You may have caught her on the MaraMGT platform earlier this year but she is back with more. Gastonia bred artist, Nauticah, does not hide the fact that she is proud of her work and how expressive she can be when it comes to her creative side. In our interview earlier, Nauticah discussed the success of her project, Nauti, If Ya Nasty, with Coca being one of the most popular tracks off of the debut. Nearly two months later, Nauticah is peaking through with an official visual for the fiery track. From the conceptual excellence with great color contrast off the melanin, cinematic shoots and angles, and well choreographed dance numbers; Coca was well worth the wait. This visual release definitely stamped that Nauticah goes BIG in every move.

Check out more on Nauticah on all social platforms and stream the Coca visual today. Also check out SCOUTED with Nauticah today.

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