• Mara Speech

Weak x BellaTheReaper feat. ROYAL MARQUIS

Behind The Track


GREENSBORO, NC. Two worlds meet on the latest track, Weak. North Carolinian artist, BellaTheReaper and Royal Marquis, make their debut on all platforms. Along with a single release it is accompanied by a cinematic video filled with gritty yet sharp captures. BellaTheReaper is a stylist, model, and musician who recently debuted with her EP, Shadows, which can be found on Soundcloud. As for Royal Marquis, he is a model and musical curator who is making his first collaborative debut with his feature on Bella's, Weak. There has been talk of a solo debut to surface early 2021.


For more on the artists' tune into all social platforms and stream Weak today.

Instagram + Twitter:

BellaTheReaper: @BellaTheReaper/@ReaperBella

Royal Marquis: @RoyalMarquis


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