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Let Tre4Demi Drive The Boat:

Editor's Note


Winston-Salem, NC. The trajectory of Tre4Demi's music and pen game has accelerated and proven to make eye turning bounds. From the execution of her debut track 'Heat Em Up' to her latest and well anticipated song, 'Megan & Kodak', the Tre-4 native has invested a lot of time into developing her craft. Megan & Kodak is seemingly just a play on words for the infamous catch phrase, "Let me drive the boat". A phrase that was catapulted into Hip-Hop culture by none other than Kodak Black and accelerated by the Houston Hero, Megan thee Stallion. In this case, Tre4Demi uses a double entendre for a drunk night and a fair chance of spicy interaction with either gender. The execution of the song is rather impressive and catchy to say the less. Megan & Kodak will reign as a point proven by the developing artist in our book.


For more on Tre4Demi, tune into the artist's work on all streaming platforms and social handles.

Instagram: Tre4Demi



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