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Chicago's KiaGotaChoppa Goes Crazy The Itty Bitty Piggy Remix:

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Chicago, Illinois. KiaGotaChoppa has been setting ablaze for years from her early tracks such as 'On My Way' and Ride featuring fellow Chicago native, CalBoy all the way to her recent songs 'Ya Dig' and Itty Bitty Piggy Freestyle. The bouncy, Midwest artist has her own distinguished sound that is evidently astray from the talent that Chicago typically houses, however these are just one of the few things that makes her artistry unique. Versatility and authenticity are two major drivers of what separates superstars from artist, and KiaGotaChoppa hones both of them effortlessly.


For more on KiaGotaChoppa tune into all streaming services and check out the artist's Instagram + Twitter today:

Instagram + Twitter: @KiaGotaChoppa

Youtube + More:

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