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RICHMOND, VA. Summer is smelling a lot like luxury living and doing what makes us happy. Artist, Anthony Edmonds merely confirmed that with a recent vibe check on his latest track, Summer Days. The well orchestrated single highlights what a true hot girl summer is like for a women that has everything except the man that may be the one for her. Summertime is what everyone yearns for especially after a long year of lockdown. From tops down and sun tans to fine dining and shopping sprees, summertime is officially a women's playground. However, he Virginian singer provides us a different POV this time around.

A hot girl summer quickly transpires to a baecation. Edmonds adds a suave touch to his love interest's lifestyle by reassuring her that both her subtle and major flexes do not go unnoticed but he's looking to contribute towards what's in store her eventful summer. "I hope you set the bar high, 'cause I'm going to pass it". It is clear that Anthony has big shoes to fill but he is prepared for the challenge. Besides who says a hot girl summer can't have a little romance to top it off?


For more on the artist tune into all social platforms and streaming services for the latest updates. Also stream the "Summer Days" official visual today.

Instagram + Twitter: @The_A_Edmonds

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