• Mara Speech


Behind the Music

Syndicate /ˈsindikət/ noun : a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest. Dom Savant is a driving force when it comes to the industry's grass roots realm of music. From founding initiatives like Savant TV and Rap Roots and curating for Florida based radio station Flava Nation, Savant aims to place rising artist at the focal point of today's music scene. Syndicate was just one of many ways to further stamp it but Syndicate 2 is setting the tone for what's in store.

The Syndicate 2 is everything a compilation project should be and more. Action packed with a load of flavors, it's giving you a little taste of artist everywhere whether from North Dakota to Saint Louis, you're covered. You can't just choose one.

Tune into the Syndicate here or today exclusively on Audiomack. For more of the works from Dom Savant, tune into all social platforms.