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Dreams to a New World Order x Ace McCain

"Don’t let anyone try to play your creations. Your art is the world."

- Ace McCain


Editor's Note


McCain is an individual of many talents and skills. From curating to radio hosting, I would consider him "the man with the plan". Throughout this interview, Ace touches on topics such as coming up in the media realm, the obstacles he endured, and his stretch towards a New World Order.



Who is Cain and where are you from?

Ace: Ace McCain is “ Cain “ ...Cain is “ Ace McCain “, they are one in the same. They are equals but different at the same time. It's an indescribable feeling. Cain is the alter ego of Ace McCain, which is the bad side of when Ace was battling demons growing up in poverty. From having to grow up in the trap of less fortunate communities to finding ways to eat by kicking doors, barely making it by, venting these stories through melodies... Who is Cain ? a never ending feeling. Catch this addictive mindset and this way of life. It's a straight drop blow without the “RAW“ backwards the feeling could cause “WAR“. My art is addiction that’s straight drop for your creative itch.

Tell our audience a little bit about you and how you came about to do what you do now.

Ace: Honestly I’ve been in the underground as underdog for awhile. I'm just now reaching the point of getting myself back. Around this time last year when I lost everything I've ever owned had to start from scratch had dope music and my own style but I needed to re-brand myself and find a way to make revenue while doing what I love. So I did just that linked with a couple of social influencers and showed them my marketing scheme and techniques. We discussed my formula and how I used it when branding and appealing to the audience. From that point everything started to take off and it was beautiful. The networking and connecting with others in the underground was by far the best. I never thought that I'd meet or even get the chance to be associated these type of people. I then came up with the ultimate plan started dropping some dope singles on Soundcloud and other major platforms such as Matter, Xoxo, Devil in Prada, 21 Questions and more. They started to get a buzz so I started putting all my people on with the bloggers that I started with and everybody I came from the bottom with and it gave them a way to eat. It ended up being over 100 plus from last year and as of today it has to be close to knocking on 200 that’s a blessings within itself because I never knew things would happen so fast or I’ll be able to be this much of influence but from that came endless opportunities. Started off an artist and creative with normal fan base to people started to know me and my brands every where that’s a blessing. My New World Order brand and show with Dash Radio and the Red Scale brand alongside of my partners Kush and Gyle, it's a blessing to be able to have to show that gives back to the culture. Doing Red scale every Wednesday at 8 p.m. and New World Order every morning at 9 a.m. is breathe of fresh air. I also dab into clothing as well with my bro, Luck, on a line called “DxxdRich“ and my personal line “3rd or 3rd Eye“.

As an artist and curator, I've put together shows, tours, and much more. I also do brand consulting and have an agency that makes stars and help develop them into the future, it is known as the CWCMF AGENCY & Foundation also have non profit called Cain Season it is something that is very new for me. I do it every year and give back to creatives or help the homeless in need.



You manage to do so many things both inside and out of media. How do you find a balance?

Ace: Honestly never really balance it’s about who wants it more at the end of the day. I don’t love Uncle Sam so my brand is how I eat, off my name not the man. Can’t afford to ever slip, I want this more than anybody that power and ambition drives me.

What line of work moves you the most?

Ace: Everything I do motivates me. I was just homeless last year with nothing, I lost it all I’m walking testament anything possible. Honestly being able to vent my story I don’t write so being able to paint my art like Mona Lisa is everything.

It's rare that I come in counter with people in this industry who don't have a crazy story behind building their brand. What is the craziest moment you've had thus far?

Ace: Honestly it’s plenty of crazy stories how all my brands began but honestly the wildest one would be hitting licks and jugs just to invest in this dream until my brothers caught life. Free Chino and Foxx. I’m only one here to be able to reminisce on our story and the risks it took to get here but I love my brothers I know they’ll be proud of me it was all worth it in the end.

Let's talk New World Order. Give us the inside scoop.

Ace: It is a New World Order every Thursday 9 a.m. on Dash Radio. We're going live one of the best shows you’ll ever come across. Tell the world hell tell anybody you can and thank me later breaking the best content across the world, building, and networking with the best of the best. Interviews with legends and upcoming legends what more can you ask for of course the best creative in the world and Cain is blessing it.

Any co-host? If not, would it be something that you're in bringing on?

Ace: Honestly I thought about and it’s still in consideration but everything is beautiful right now if the people want it I’ll love to make it even more dope but for now we just giving the people and the culture what they want.

Favorite episode thus far? And is there anyone that you would like to bring on soon and why?

Ace: The first episode because it’s the start of history for all of us. I’m also excited about this Rap a Lot Interview coming with one of their new artist. The Gwapmizzle Interview is my favorite interview thus far and the one person I wanna bring on the show that haven’t yet honestly is Curren$y. That’s the reason I’m doing what I do today plus I’ll never forget the advice he gave me.

For someone coming up in the same line of work. What is some key advice that you would give?

Ace: Stay true to yourself. Follow your gut and trust the process you need more haters than friends. Don’t let anyone try to play your creations. Your art is the world and gotta take risks to get rich and make sure your team really got your best interests.

What is coming up on the horizon? Where are you headed next?

Ace: Honestly no limitations. There's a lot of everything coming. The movie I got to act in with Red Scale brand, Xander. Cain is getting his cameo on some exclusives tracks on soundtrack for the movie and in the movie as well so you must tune in. There's a lot of up and coming star power in there. In addition to this, more shows and possible tours are on the way.


For more on Ace McCain and the New World Order, tune into Twitter, Instagram, and more:

Twitter: @itsacemccain



Instagram: @Cainvstheworld



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