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This Jhustyn: Jhustyn x MaraMGT Interview

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”


Who is Justin?

Jhustyn: My name is actually spelled “Jhustyn” I know its super different but I like to think I live up to that. I am a published poet, a sixth grade language arts teacher, and a painter! Growing up my family was pretty nomadic, I was born in Washington Dc and lived in a lot of different cities like Waldorf Maryland, Temecula California, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach Virginia, and wildly enough I went to school in Grambling State University in Louisiana and I presently live in Houston Texas.

Growing up, what field did you see yourself being in?

Jhustyn: I was one of those kids who had no idea what I wanted to do, I just kind of lived with no plan what so ever, going to college was just another step that I felt like I “had” to do.

When did you realize that art was your passion?

Jhustyn: Growing up I had 5 brothers and 2 sisters so there was a lot of us, and not much room for any favoritism and many things we got from our parents we had to share. My brother Jeremiah and I were the closest in age (10months apart) so we use to play together often. Since our parents couldn’t get us many toys we up drawing our action figures on paper and we would cut them out and play with them. Like many people who have a favorite toy learn to love and cherish it. I did the same for my “paper toys”. I like to think that this is where my passion for art developed.

What are your favorite styles to incorporate in your pieces?

jhustyn: I am a self-taught artist so it’s kind of hard to define my own style. I know that I really love to paint on wood. The texture of the wood really brings new life to my pieces a lot of times I try to leave some of the natural exposed wood in my pieces.

Do you have any particular inspiration or motivation when creating?

Jhustyn: Growing up in a large family you are kind of forced to find ways to express yourself. I learned that writing and art were my escapes. I paint naturally now and I’m inspired and motivated by my own inward feelings and thoughts.

What's one thing that catches the eyes of others when it comes to your work?

Jhustyn: Just the sure awesomeness of it lol I don’t know probably the bright colors.

What should we be expecting next?

Jhustyn: I have a show coming up in November and another one in December, I am also collaborating with local artist to start a Houston art club were we will be having shows once a month just for fellow Houston art lovers ! Be on the lookout!

For more on the artist, check out his instagram and contact information below:


Instagram: @justinerd

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