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Goldie x KK : KK x MaraMGT Interview

"It lets me express myself in ways I never thought I could."


Who is KK?

KK is someone unique , golden , and who is love . I grew up in North Carolina .

How did your hometown influence you to become an artist?

My hometown where i grew was pretty small , so it gave me a chance to think big and open with my creations .

What artist inspired you to create? Or whose a dope artist out right now in your opinion.

I’ve always loved art . Ever since I was a kid , it was somebody that I always remember doing . Creating something . I also began seeing other artist and their work and fell in love . The dopest artist out right now , is Stephen aka Easymoneyjasper.

When creating do you tend to incorporate your own style into your work?

In all of my work , I feel like i always incorporate my style . It wouldn’t be KK if I never did.

Are there any particular themes or styles that you like?

I love abstract , that’s a particular style I go by . It lets me express myself in ways I never thought I could ever .

What do you hope people gain when seeing your creations?

I hope people gain inspiration from looking at my creations . I want them to be inspired and enjoy what they see .

And lastly, what tips or advice would you give others anticipating on taking on art as a career?

I would say go always create . Always have write down every idea or share the idea . It’s very important to practice and to be consistent in order to be the artist you inspire to be .

For More On The Artist, Tune into Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @goldloveee



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