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The Rising Face Of Folk Music X Emily Callacher:

Behind The Artist


Liverpool. A place known for it's flourishing culture and home to one of the world's greatest rock bands, The Beatles. For the past few decades, the UK has deviated from their Beatled glorified roots to a multifaceted musical machine housing some of the most exceptional Folk and Grime talent. Emily Callacher, is a prime example of a boundless Liverpool phenomenon. For the past five years, Emily has dedicated time to perfecting her craft and placing quite a bit of accolades under her belt. With performances at major festivals such as Bickerstock Festival and Spain's very own Barcelona Irish Festival. Now the upcoming acoustic artist is back on a major wave with her single "Fragments".



Fragments is a track that hits home, it captivates the fragmented moments and memories of a passed loved one. In our recent interview, Emily discussed the space she was in when creating fragments and how the loss of a sibling impacted her in numerous ways. Though a sober mood, Emily's angelic voice uplifts the track and brings a great since of peace to a heart-jerking moment. Being someone who typically isn't as in tune with Folk, Emily's clear gift is enough to make one reconsider. With Fragments reigning as the leading single for her soon to come LP.


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