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On Repeat: Heat of the Week

Heat /hēt/ noun : intensity of feeling, especially of anger or excitement.

* Honorable Mention * Fye noun : is a slang expression used to describe someone or something that is excellent or in a state of excitement.


Okay Okay, we've been stingy with the releases lately but trust us it was worth the wait. Many may know that Heat of the week at MaraMGT is the hottest underground tracks out as of late that have caught our attention, however, this week we're tuning into our CEO's very own playlist. From HTown to the west coast and all the way back down south, Mara herself is packing some heat.


California native, Br2craze exuberates what a taste of the west coast is like through his track, The Motto. The Motto is just one out ten of the bouncy, energy-filled tracks featured on the Br2craze's project, Off the Porch. It paints a picture of what a regular day is like in Br2craze's neighborhood, from bangers to females on the blade amongst it all the artist talks about how he uses his skill to make ways for himself in the midst of distractions and pitfalls. He's the man because he escapes what would normally trap most. It's somewhere that not just anyone can go. Our interpretation of the motto is you aren't average and to not get played out of your position.

$ticky’s entire character is quite the eye catcher from her style and appearance, her catchy melodic hooks, down to her very stage name “$ticky The Menace”. In this one song in particular, “who”, captures $ticky seemingly at her best with well engineered vocals that give off a space like feeling.

With swagger and creative punchlines combined, the French Braid rocking rapper, flows a little over 2 and half minutes with quick straight to the point delivery. The actual visuals filmed for the track breathes even more life into the song, making it a potential banger headed towards the mainstream audience. We're certainly looking forward to hearing more from the Stop 6 artist.

Dash The G.O.A.T x Pray or Prey

With the recent release of The G.O.A.T in Sheep's Clothing, DTG is emerging stronger than ever.The four track EP is molded by heart felt triumph and hunger. You get the spitta and the siren all in one package that makes Dash the G.O.A.T the cold artist that he is. With the various life occurrences that Dash is facing it makes it difficult to truthfully answer the question to pray or prey? The Pray or Prey single creates a vivid image of what life has truly been like for the artist. It takes true art and courage to display this type of transparency through music. With all bars and no hook, the gritty barred goat is back in the flesh and we're anticipating on what is next in store for him.

* Direct links to tracks can be found by clicking on artist name or tapping on visuals.

- Mara & Friends

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