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On My Side x Nu Lighter

Song Review


Special. That's the first word that comes to mind when asked how to describe Nu Lighter and his single, "On My Side". From his name alone to his flawless selection of production and even down to his unique and soothing vocal capabilities there is absolutely no doubt that Nu Lighter is anything less than a gem.

The North Carolinian artist gives us a new feel on R&B. With a heartfelt track that discerns this generation's quick and easy love cycle. The line "you want to rush to fall in love before you find it." speaks volumes and is certainly identifiable in this day in age. With a swift serenade, Nu Lighter sets the pace for what love is and how it should look from his prespective hints the title 'On My Side'. A love ballad filled with building, healing, and truly knowing who your partner is Nu Lighter's ideal view of love.


For more on Nu Lighter, stream On My Side here on MaraMGT and be sure to check out the artist on social media.

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