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[New Music] Travel Pack x E-KYD's

Texas. “It’s just a vibe”....truthful words words on the opening track of E-KYD’s new EP. She helps you ease your way into the listening with smooth and melodic production, all the while making it clear she’s here to impress. Her 18 minute EP is 5 tracks of pure blissful sounds! Apparently her mission is to make you, the listener, feel as if your going through a euphoric experience and drifting through space.

She helps you paint this image with track titles such as Spaceship, Cruiseship, and Imma Star. And honestly, off first listen...she might very well be. With out of this world titles and lyrics, the theme and vibe are evidently set. If you're a self proclaimed stoner, this project is a good selection for you to get you into your groove.


For more on E-KYD, check "Travel Pack" out all streaming platforms and tune into Twitter and Instagram:

Instagram: @imekyd

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