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[New Heat] Hopeless Romantic x Inkay2x featuring O'Mai

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PG County, Maryland. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Maryland artist, Inkay2x is here with a slow, melancholy track for anyone who can identify with being a hopeless romantic. Yearning for understanding from a failed past love, Inkay pours his heart on the line for something real. Inkay successfully paints a picture of the glory days of his late relationship from reminiscing on the comfort of what once was to praying away toxic habits. Bleeding vulnerability on his latest track, Hopeless Romantic, is just one step towards a brighter side. With O'Mai on the vocals the artist is certainly getting point across with ease.


For more on the artist, find Inkay2x on all streaming platforms. Also tune into the artist's social platforms as well.

Twitter + Instagram: @Inkay2x

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