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IGIR Woodiee's Talk My Sh*t Starr

Album Review


If you haven't heard of IGIR Woodiee yet, you will. The Georgia phenomenon took twitter by storm after the widespread of his hit single, Hasta Luego. A jam packed trap enthused track with a Latin twist is something that you don't come across often and is undeniably one of the hardest songs that we've heard in quite sometime. However, it doesn't stop there!

Woodiee is back and this time with a 13 track EP. From the subject matter to cadences, Talk My Sh*t Starr has evident range. It's fair to say that this is easily one of our favorite works of 2020 thus far in both indie and mainstream realm of music. Needin' You, Nite Signs, and Broken Hearted are just a few tracks of many that give you a good scope of what you're in for. No Skips needed, Talk My Sh*t Starr is a 10 out of 10 recommended. We can't wait to see where this Georgia star goes next.


For more on IGIR Woodiee, stream Talk My Sh*t Starr everywhere today and tune into the artist's socials.

Twitter: @IGIRWoodiee

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