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Forever Chillen with Devy Stonez:

Dallas, Texas. A city that possesses some of the finest arts and experiences sporadic risings of some of the music industries greatest stars. It is to no surprise that it is home to such a gem like Devy Stonez. From 2016 to now, the evolution of Dallas artist, Devy Stonez is nearly surreal. With four notable projects it is indisputable that an artist on such a caliber needs to be magnified.

Texas is the home of playa personas. Whether it's the slowed,smooth tempos or southern enriched lyricism, this is a direct reflection of Devy Stonez sound. In case you haven't heard Vol I: Enjoying life, it encapsulates the true essences of the south and its elements. Uno, In Yo Whip, and Amped Up are just a few hits that flex real playa energy. Stonez has made yet another swift return with Vol II: Forever Chillen and it is nine tracks of pure bliss. It is twice the vibes and twice the range contrary to Vol I, you unfold different styles and more of an upbeat twist. There's a vibe for every mood wrapped within this EP. Despite the full length project being a 10/10 recommended, On Sight and New York Friends brought a few raw components that sold me completely. If you have a playlist, this star-studded Dallasite should be on it.


For more on the artist find him on all streaming and social platforms. Stream Vol II: Forever Chillen below:

Twitter: @devystonez

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