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Flyer x Banks of Flyluminati

"I only compete with myself. I'm my only competition."

- Banks


Behind the Artist


Winston-Salem, North Carolina. With great music comes great influence. From as early as I could remember Banks of Flyluminati was always a pivotal force within our communities music and fashion scene. From hitting bars to his exclusive pieces, Banks has always been and individual to draw attention to. Throughout this interview, MaraMGT is going to give you an inside look of the continuous grind of Banks of Flyluminati.



Where does the story of Banks begin?

Banks: Well I want to say around 2010. I went by “D Dot” then. I was in a rap duo called Flyluminati with my best friend, he moved. We made 2 projects. But the name Banks. It truly came from binge watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In high school, I was slept on. No girls. No money. Moms worked for Dillard’s. Had me in all the Tommy and Polo, ya know, the preppy type. People looked at it weird. But I stood out. Now the standing out and the Tommy is cool to everyone. The college and success story is cool. So i looked at Carlton like he’s way fresher than Will. His outfits were perfect. I’m him!

In our city, you’re probably one of the first artist that I can vividly recall placing an imprint in music within our community. Over time have you seen any direct influence among others?

Banks: I’ve seen my influence most definitely. Especially with some of the content. The “weird kids” which are the thrifters, and college kids finally take pride in their craft. They take pride in making nothing into something.

You’re not only known for your music but your style is notable as well. Has it held any influence on your music? If so, how?

Banks: Oh I love clothes. Especially exclusive shit. Supreme and Tommy are my favorites. Oh and Nike’s, like classic joints. Jordan ones, Cortez’s, blazers. I’m influenced by that old school rap. That old school drug shit. Percy Miller shit. That style influences me.

Coming up in the music industry, have you had any influences of your own?

Banks: I’m influenced by older shit. Like Master P, Pimp C, old Kanye. All my favorites. I fuck with Tyler the creator and The Game. Even movies influence me. Shit I watch “clueless” like hell. Oh and “Mo Money” the 90's aesthetics moves me.

From the Middle Class EP to 4 Da Fall, your music has aged well. How do you manage to keep your song current?

Banks: I only compete with myself. I’m my only competition. Not to be cocky but it keeps me in the same sound. But I compete against my own creativity to push myself to do better.

Production seems to be standout component of your sound, what makes you rap over a more soulful production instead of a trapped 808 beat ?

Banks: My parents! They are music heads. That’s how we cleaned the house. Old music never ages. Trap does to me. I feel that my lyrics match the style of older soul music. Helps me paint vivid portraits

How do you feel that you’ve grown from your earlier works until now?

Banks: I’ve learned to be okay with being me. That I don’t need to lie. Let my listeners meet me on a common ground and grow together. If I can ride foreign after being carless, you can too. It’s real.

What is next from Banks of Flyluminati?

Banks: More music and videos. 4dafall is out now. I’m working with this producer CamoBanks on a joint project. And another producer named Bin Ladin. Hits are coming.


For more on Banks of Flyluminati, tune into all streaming platforms and Instagram + Twitter:

Instagram: @sircarltonofallbanks

Twitter: @_carltonbanks

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Kxng Prince
Kxng Prince
Mar 29, 2020

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