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[Exclusive] Vulnerable x Kidday

Track Review


Melodic, catchy, and full of 808’s, Kidday’s new single “Vulnerable” is quite the ear catcher. With so many underground artist putting catchy One word hooks and bland lyricism over quality song writing, Kidday decides to take another route. Precise wordplay and crisp clean mixed vocals make Vulnerable enjoyable to listen to, as well as it’s topic being straight to the point. Being A now heartless, unwilling to love again, money chasing individual, Kidday gives you 2 minutes to soak it all in, and closes out the song wit the moody and hypnotic instrumental.This has by far been our most favorable body of work from the versatile artist. The only thing that we wish of the track is that it would've been longer. This certainly a vibe that we are anticipating to see more of from the Virginian artist. If your looking to set a chill and moody vibe, then you should be downloading Vulnerable today.


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