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[New Music] Says Who? x Quanna

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"F*ck all the X and O's, we out here cracking codes."

- Quanna



Brooklyn, New York. Quanna sets the tone of what a true CareFreeBlackGirl looks like in her latest track Says Who? With Bassline Fanaticz on the production, Quanna proves to be a lyrical heavy hitter with lines such as "I'll take your money long before I take your man" or "Stacking paper, buying acres, a few L's for the road". This blazing, boisterous track is just one of many on the artist's upcoming project, Miss Thang. We look forward to what's next from the boss herself.


For more on Quanna, tune into her social platforms and stream Says Who? everywhere now:

Twitter: @QUANNAMC

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