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On Repeat: Heat of the Week

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Heat /hēt/ noun : intensity of feeling, especially of anger or excitement.

* Honorable Mention * Fye noun : is a slang expression used to describe someone or something that is excellent or in a state of excitement.


It's here! Many may know that Heat of the week at MaraMGT is the hottest underground tracks out as of late that have caught our attention, however, this week we're tuning into our CEO's very own playlist. This week we're bringing heat from Houston to my home town of Winston-Salem. The heat is packing.


Though Goin' Out Sad released several months ago, it has recently made way to major streaming platforms. Hitting crazy numbers on Spotify and more. "The cadence of the artist voice is what really went for me. The track itself is rather catchy. But the real essence of it is the subject matter... Most overlook North Carolina and the raw things that go on both violent and non-violent. It reminds me of home." says Mara.On top of this Goin' Out Sad is produced by RichGates, one of NC's hardest and youngest upcoming producers. The two make a perfect pair and MaraMGT is excited to see what Trxpxnese has in store.

Hailing from Houston, Tinoo makes way with Loxations. The artist has many smash hits and visuals under his belt there's just something about Loxations sets a whole different bar. With DanteB on the production and a catchy hook, Tinoo certainly has himself a track that is worth raving about. The artist has also talked lot about a visual dropping sometime soon but there is no exact release date as of yet. This track alone has myself and others anticipating on Tinoo's next project, RedFaces, which is set to release May 30th.


x GunRange

After a long hiatus, KoolMoTae formerly known as Taee D, is back and packing some serious heat with his latest single, GunRange. Its been nearly two weeks since the track was released and a little under a week since the visual has been dropped. In my opinion, the track gives an inside scoop on a kool lifestyle and the beat emphasizes that. Same concept with the visual, it's meant to supply homely, cool vibes around the ones that matter.

HEAT. $hyFromDaTre dropped her first song Eat Em Up and visual just a week ago and has over 8,000 views already. This is by far the hottest track of the week and it has managed to stay in my rotation so much to the point that I know the song word for word. I love female artist that can talk their s* and kill any beat and $hy is up my alley. Excited to hear what's next.

* Direct links to tracks can be found by clicking on artist name or tapping on visuals.

- Mara & Friends

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