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[Exclusive] Kissing Pavements x Marques Martin

Updated: Mar 29, 2020


PG COUNTY, Maryland. Marques Martin broke out early first quarter with his EP, About 2 Die. The EP consist of two tracks, Kissing Pavements which, reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify and About 2 Die. Though currently residing in Brooklyn, Martin still claims his original stomping grounds of PG. The two have seemingly impacted his sound from subject matter to even his flow. I appreciate artist that are aware of the world around them and how imperative change is to see better days.

"It's a lack of self out here but there ain't no lack of growth out here..."

- Marques Martin


Tune into the Marques Martin on all social platforms and stream About 2 Die on Spotify:

Instagram and Twitter: @marquesmartin_

Marques Martin on all major platforms

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