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New Stock on the Market: DH Worldwide

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Lord willing, I will be one of the catalyst to bring about change."

- DH Worldwide


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Camden, New Jersey. Haling from Camden, artist DH Worldwide takes us on a musical journey covering his sound, his hometown, in addition to breaking down the basics behind his music. DH Worldwide possess a special talent. He has the ability to depict a realistic vision or perspective of society through his words and melodic tempos. Not in the way of a "conscious" rapper but more so of him pointing out societal norms that we may not observe daily. His debut album, Desire, exemplifies just that. Tracks such as Superstar and Adventure show that DH grasps the ideology of what society sees as "successful" and what we all strive for as millennials. Desire holds a wide range of vibes but it's something that you can sit back and take in as a breath of fresh air.



Who is DH Worldwide and where are you from?

DH Worldwide: DH is a rapper from Camden, New Jersey. Well maybe I shouldn't call myself a rapper, I'll say artist.

Where'd your musical journey come into play and how'd you get your alias?

DH Worldwide: Music has always been apart of me, you know? I grew up with a dad who played music all day long. From listening to Nina Simone, KRS-One, and DMX… so I was kind of born into music but as far as creating music, 2009 was my start. It’s a funny story how I got my name. For years I was back and forth going from name to name until one day I just decided to go by my initials DH, Dhamiri Hughes-Pettigrew, so for about a year I was just DH. Fast forward, a friend of mine gets into the car with a bandanna that had all of the world flags on it and from then on I began calling myself, DH Worldwide.

Coming up where did you gain your inspiration from?

DH Worldwide: Early on and even now, I gain my inspiration from real life events. I like to call myself a reality rapper. I believe people can relate much more to an everyday situation rather than an attempt to make a hit. I don’t even try to make hits, I just focus on putting real life emotion into my songs.

Many people aren't quite familiar with the New Jersey music scene. For someone like myself, would you put us on game or describe it rather?

DH Worldwide: The Jersey music scene is kinda like new stock on the market. It has so much potential to bloom and become this big Fortune 500 company. The thing that hurts us the most is we don’t really have an identity. If you’re from North Jersey, you’re in New York's shadow then in South Jersey we are in Philadelphia's shadow. The good thing is I think in the next few years the landscape will be much different. Lord Willing I will be one of the catalysts to bring about change.

In your opinion, what is the most influential Hip Hop era? And what is your favorite 3 song and/or artist from it?

DH Worldwide: The most important era in Hip Hop will always be the early 2000's for me. This is when I really started listening to rap on my own and began picking my own artist I like rather than just what my dad was listening to. My favorite three artist from the era are 50 Cent, Kanye, and Lil Wayne. I have to mention TI too, so I guess I have four favorite artists.

What separates you from most artist in your city? And what are your strengths?

DH Worldwide: The thing that separates me from most artist in my city is I just make music about my day to day life. I rarely focus on having the best punchlines, similes, or metaphors, that’s not really what excites me. I want people to be able to internalize the song and the message as a whole and just feel that connection. I believe that my biggest strength is connecting through simplicity and truth.

Are there any artist that you are interested in working or have worked with in the past that you think you guys make a pretty good mash up?

DH Worldwide: From my area, my favorites are GetRightSour and Franky Hill, I have a song with them both featured on my Session 1:53 EP. As far as people I would like to work with, I’m not too sure at the moment, it just has to make sense from a music standpoint.

What should we be expecting next from DH Worldwide?

DH Worldwide: Next up from me is visuals. I will be dropping a lot of videos in 2019.


For more on DH Worldwide, check out Twitter, Instagram, and stream his debut album, Desire, on all streaming platforms. Also check out 100 million by 35 exclusive video premiere here on

Twitter: @dhworldwide_

Instagram: @dhworldwide

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