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Grass Ain't Greener x Kickboy Triple

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"I've always been faced with the dilemma of turning to the streets for good or turning to my craft. My craft is my outlet."

- Kickboy Triple


Behind the Artist


Many times people try to paint us as though we are a product of our environment. In some cases this is true and for others we're fortunate enough to defeat that narrative, Kickboy Triple is a living testimony of that. When you hear North Carolina, violence or a harsh environment are probably the last thing that comes to mind however like most places the grass isn't always greener on the other side of what is portrayed. Growing up on the south side of Greensboro, North Carolina, Kickboy was exposed to a number of things. Drugs, gangs, and fighting just to name a few. The "gate city" was a pathway to some of the worst things imaginable in the late 90's, early 2000's. Throughout our interview the artist will reflect of some of the most difficult times he's endured both inside and outside of music and what kept him afloat.



Who is Kickboy Triple and where are you from?

Kickboy Triple: I'm an artist, actor, and creator from the Southside of Greensboro.

When did must come into the picture for you?

Kickboy Triple: Music has always been my passion and my first love. Next to that would be acting. I've been in the studio since I was 4 years old. My dad owned his own record label back in the 90's. So all I knew by nature was music and the studio.

At MaraMGT, we like to believe that every artist has a story behind them. What's yours?

Kickboy Triple: Ah man where do I even start. I'm a creator with a crazy background. I'm a 90's baby. I grew up on the south side around the worst imaginable. My dad was a drug dealer and my mom did whatever she did at the time. As a kid I never stayed in one area. When my parents separated, I was constantly moved around from school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood. In the midst of growing up I basically grew up around the same thing every other kid did. Even though my mother always did her best to keep me from being exposed to it, it was still there. Drugs, gangs, and fighting, you name it. In my younger years ,I did my best to avoid mess mainly because I knew my mother always wanted me to stay focused on school and my craft. As I got older, I started becoming more in tune with my passion for music. I actually started writing music when I was 9 however I didn't began recording until I was around 13 or 14. I would listen to artist like Jay Z, Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Biggie. I would pay close attention to things they rapped about and their flow. As I started developing my skill set, I began focusing on writing about things I was actually going through in life. In 2013, my mom was arrested for murder. She killed her boyfriend in a heated altercation. That really woke me up beyond words. I couldn't believe I was seeing my mother wanted on the news. I knew I had to do something. It hurt me emotionally but I told myself I can either allow it to break me or I can allow it to build me so I gained more focus.

Following this, I moved in with my dad. Four years within that move we had a number of differences and we stopped talking for about two. We later rebuilt our relationship, he supported my music and acting, we started spending time together as father and son, we spoke on the regular almost like best friends. He was even excited about my baby girl being on the way in March of 2018. Well two months before she was born in January 2018, my father was murdered in a robbery four days prior to his birthday. That was the biggest turning point of my life. Especially knowing I had a little girl on the way, I knew I had to get back on track more than ever and I did just that.

What are some of the hardest obstacles that you've had to face whether it be in life or simply pertaining to your craft and how'd you overcome it?

Kickboy Triple: Losing my father was by far the hardest. I had never experienced anything like it. It broke me down so bad on the inside but I know I had to be stronger than I had ever been. I've always been faced with the dilemma of turning to the streets for good or turning to my craft. My craft is my outlet. My acting, my music, my daughter, that was all I knew from that moment forward.

What are some strengths that you have as an artist? What do you think makes you different from some of the other talent out?

Kickboy Triple: My knowledge of the industry sets me apart from everyone else. In addition to this, I consider myself a versatile artist. I can create anything and do it well.

Growing up in a city that isn't foreseen as a "Music Hotspot", what is your take on the sudden spark of talent coming to the forefront? I grew up in Winston not too far from where you live and it's surreal to see it honestly.

Kickboy Triple: It's amazing. Being that I own my own independent label. I focus on talent really heavy in our area and lately I've been liking what I'm seeing. The music industry is actually developing here in North Carolina. From J. Cole to Da Baby. There is so much talent here and it's been boxed in for so long, people are really starting to notice us. We couldn't be hidden for too long, it was only a matter of time.

Are there any artist and/or producers that you would want to work with? Whether it be on a local or global scale.

Kickboy Triple: I would love to work with Zaytoven producer wise and J. Cole from a artist stand point. I know that seems kind of weird considering the fact that those are two completely different sounds but I like different and the challenges that come with it. I can bring you a down south trap flow or I can bring you some conscious lyrical rap.

I know that you have a track with TiaCorine, another one of North Carolina's own. How did that come into play?

Kickboy Triple: Man I got mad love for TiaCorine. I heard her track "Lotto" and I was like "Yo I love her sound", so I reached out to her on social media. I wasn't expecting her to respond but she did. I asked her if we could do a track together and she didn't hesitate. We had the track done before the end of the week and the rest was history. That's my little homie. She is a great person and she'll forever be good in my book. I got her back.

If you were to blow today or tomorrow, where would you want to live and what would be the first 3 things that you do with your newly found success.

Kickboy Triple: I would like to live in Charlotte. That city is growing faster than any place in the country right now and people don't really see it. Charlotte is a area everyone should want to get in and get established before it's too late. The first three things I would do is make sure my daughter is set no matter what, second I would get myself and my label established, third I would invest.

What should we expect from Triple next?

Kickboy Triple: First, ItsTriple part 2 drops in March and the Track with Tia Corine will be dropping soon also. I'm also staring in a new series coming to television in April called Murder Decoded. I play the role of Xavier Walker in Episode 4 and I'll be heading to film another project in March around the time the mixtape releases.


For more on Kickboy Triple, tune into the artist's social platforms and Soundcloud for more:

Twitter and Instagram: @KickboyTriple

Soundcloud: KickBoy Triple

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