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On Repeat: Heat of the Week

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Heat /hēt/ noun : intensity of feeling, especially of anger or excitement.

* Honorable mention * Fye noun : is a slang expression used to describe someone or something that is excellent or in a state of excitement.


Okay Okay, we've been stingy with the releases lately but trust us it was worth the wait. Many may know that Heat of the week at MaraMGT is the hottest underground tracks out as of late that have caught our attention, however, this week we're tuning into our CEO's very own playlist. From Charlotte native Mavi to Florida's very own DroGotDoe, Mara herself is packing some heat.


Though released over a year ago, Rest, is still a go. I stumbled upon the track accidentally however they say some things that you don't anticipate turn out to be the greatest that you'll find. The word vibe may be a tad bit overrated or misused in a lot of circumstances but not to sound cliche Rest is the epitome of this term. From production choice to the natural, monotone flow, this single certainly sets a tone. It's a rolling through a luminous city on a random Thursday night type of vibe. Mavi's ability to master his flow and choice of words throughout the track is what grasped my attention and sold me. In a sense I would say that his work paints pictures. I stan!

It's been a little over a week since Florida's own, Drogotdoe released Cash Rules produced by Dante and let us be the first of many to say that it is some heat. Dro's artistry is so hard because it is distinct from the typical Florida sound. With Florida serving as one of the industry's talent pick ups, DroGotDoe never fails to set a different bar. We can't fail to mention how LedwanDotNET also ran his feature on the track. Dro we have another one for sure.

Two the hard way. One of North Carolina's dynamic duos are back in action. Though they are both solo artist when they team up and go bar for bar it is unmatched. After a long seated hiatus, Leland is back on the grid with Ticket featuring Huncho Kae produced by his long time producer FlipOntheBeat. It's been nearly a week since 650 dropped and it is nothing short of what we expected. Both 650 and Huncho hinted towards their awaited release of the project,12*21, the day of releasing not only one single but two, Ticket and Wrist Moves. It's a good year for the indie realm, but an even greater year for the ATM2500 movement.

Bringing the year in with new money. Tdmoney dropped In My Way just two days into the new year and this well anticipated track got all of the recognition it deserved. Whether in person or via social media, Td is well known for being transparent of where he comes from and the pinnacles that he plans to reach. In My Way sets the 2019 mood and reflects on the artist's true mind state. In addition to this, Riah Fayette, formerly known as Zachariah ran his verse and applied pressure. It screams I paid my dues and I'm here to flex, it's a vibe. Millenials, entrepreneurs, etc this is the anthem don't argue with us.

* Direct links to tracks can be found by clicking on artist name or tapping on visuals.

- Mara & Friends

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