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Creatives Guide: 10 Difficult Things About Being a Creative

 Creative; [kree-ey-tiv]: 1. Having the quality or power of creating. 2. Resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative:creative writing. 3. Originative; productive


Every generation has had its innovators or those beings who set themselves apart. However, in this generation it is becoming a social norm to follow your passion and bring something refreshing and new to the table. Both older and newer age are becoming more accepting of the "If" factor. Being creatively inclined definitely has its perks but like most things there are difficulties that arise. It's not a fad but it's seriously a way of life and I mean this in the least cliche way possible. 

1. The Start. Find something you love and stick with it! When you find yourself sinking all of your time into one particular thing that seems rather soothing that's when you know it's for you. This can also be challenging, you are unsure with which route to take and probably come up with 50 million outcomes and I can guarantee that only one of them actually worked. The start is only worth it if you intend on finishing.

2. Gaining a following. Unless something miraculous happens to where you blow up overnight or you have a strong support group to start off with, a following will seem like it takes FOREVER to gain. The key to expanding your brand to the ideal audience is to follow those that share common interest, follow other people in the same field that you're in. By doing so you won't only start to gain a social network, you'll gain a promotion tool in a sense. Have your network working for you. Word of mouth, retweets, whatever, you'll see results.

3. Staying Afloat.

  Entrepreneurship is hard and anyone who says otherwise is steering you in the wrong direction. There's beauty in the struggle, if everything that you ever wanted came easily it wouldn't have the same value. Sleepless nights, fifty millions breakdowns, and only getting something right once out of the fifteen attempts sounds horrendous, yet it's so rewarding once you actually start getting the hang of things. Meeting small or big milestones are the best part especially when they're consecutive. But what most don't mention are the grey areas after that you will face. Being an entrepreneur is feeling like you're on top of the world one minute and sinking the next, it is by all means an emotional roller coaster but the best ride life can give. You have to remain focused and stay afloat. By doing so, starting from square one may be a good option but even so keep the vision.

4. Swimming in a Pool of Originality

  With the rapid incline of entrepreneurs, you will find that several of your followers may be in the same line of work. Do not get discouraged .  Take that as a push to find something that sets you and your brand apart, not in a competitive light rather in a light of admiration. Yes, you may have clientele that seek business from yourself and the other party however you have to find something that makes your brand a little more special. There is money to be made and plenty of it to go around.

5. Creative Blocks

THE BIGGEST PAIN YET. Creative blocks are equivalent to working on a paper for class and being stuck on the intro sentence for a hour. We can all relate to that feeling but imagine being at a crossroads with something that you love dearly, whether its creating a new T-Shirt Design, a new blog post, or writing a new song. Creative blocks have positives and negatives as well. Sometimes it's good to give yourself a mental break from everything including your craft. Some of the greatest come from the simplest moments. However, it is important to maintain the fire even in grace periods to not lose sight of your aim.

6. Making Balling on a Budget Look Good 

    Social media has consumed us and our thinking on societal norms. Twitter and other social outlets will have you in the mindset that you should be twenty one with six figures and Porsche while in school. This is not realistic. These things take time and dedication, we must remind ourselves that we're just becoming of age we won't have all of the answers and we shouldn't go seeking them instead by letting life run it's course is how you gain the most from it. For now it's okay to be a  FLAT BROKE college student with Ramen Noodles  or 4 for $4's as your cuisine of choice as long as you're keeping hope and focus for a better tomorrow. Like myself, I wasn't fed with a silver spoon nor involved in fast money alternatives as options, I'm putting this together on my own from the blueprint to the prototype so it's going to take me a little longer. All of this can be done in style, don't let your financial state conquer your current situation or cloud your vision. Instead, find inspiration from your difficulties. With the right heart, mind, dedication, passion, timing, and patience anything is possible just see it through.


  Being so drawn into your work can cause you to make sacrifices both consciously and unconsciously. This could be relationships, time, energy etc. If your anything like me you could get so tied up in your work that you forget to love the people around you most. It is vital to cherish your loved ones and the NOW.  Personally, this biggest sacrifice I make is working a 9-5 knowing that I have the capability to do more. Each hour is more excruciating than the last. Nonetheless, it's times like this that build character.

8. Manifesting in Your Own Lane

At this point, you've developed a great sense of self and direction. Keep that focus! Trials and tribulations may arise but don't let these detour you from your ultimate goal. Where you are now does not by any means determine where you can go. You may move as what I call a "Social Loner". Knowing any and everyone but you work effectively on your own. Which sometimes can be a gift and a curse due to the fact some people tend to work better with others present to be a critic of their work.

9. Pricing Going Up

  A vital component of successfully starting a business and keeping it afloat is having reasonable pricing. Finding a perfect balance of where you and your business are in the market and knowing your worth. Low-balling yourself is first on the DON'T list. When kick starting a business I recommend low prices until clientele begins to build up and is steady. Set different promo deals and have a series of options. GRADUALLY seek different prices when you feel as though the price is right. NO FREE WORK. Personally, I feel as though if they truly support you payment would never be a question.

10. Keeping/Developing Great Business Relationships

   Some of the greatest things perspire from uncomfortable situations. You have to seek comfort in the things that are least desirable at times typically in any business endeavor. As you further yourself in the business realm you'll began to realize that any relationship big or small holds some value. Your confidence and social skills will be the best and most effective tools, 

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