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Not Your Average Joe: TheRealFlexGod

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Houston wave is here and ready to rage!"


Behind The Artist


Like most large and quite popular cities, branching out from a traditional lifestyle can be rather common. However, there will always be those that set apart from the average Joe. To do so, it requires hard work, ambition, and a true passion for your craft. Artist such as Flex exemplify what it truly means to get it out the mud by any means.



Who is Flex?

Flex: I am Flex, aka The Real Flex God, an ambitious yet eager 20 year old artist from Houston, Texas.

How did your hometown influence you to become an artist?

Flex: Being an artist from Houston is difficult when your everyday average Joe wants to be an artist as well. I'm just extremely humble and eager to show my talent is like no other.

What artist inspired you to create? Or who's a dope artist out right now in your opinion.

Flex: Xavier Wulf was my first break into the underground scene, hearing his music and talent inspired me more then I could ever imagine, hearing his music and watching his success and fan base grow more and more made me feel like anything was possible. My current inspirations would have to be J.I.D and his amazing come up due to his talent and hard work, Mick Jenkins with his diversity and and creativity, as well as Trapo and his delivery of bars that never lack passion.

When it comes to the Houston music scene whether it be mainstream or underground, what are some pros and cons to you?

Flex: Some pros would be to always stay consistent and deliver as much content as possible, always stay humble and work as hard as you can to better yourself and your craft. Cons would be to never force anything down the throats of others, if the talent is there they will gravitate towards you and your music whether they like it or not.

Name something that is underrated in the music industry.

Flex: I would say the most underrated thing in the music industry, to me, is the process. Others don’t see how hard you work to produce quality content and they look down upon that if the music is not enjoyable to them. I think artist should document their process and show all the heart and soul that goes into their work.

You had so much exposure this year at SXSW, in particularly being on the Lyrical Lemonade showcase. Such a crazy experience, how was that for you? I’m sure the feeling is indescribable.

Flex: Working with Cole Bennett and the entire Lyrical Lemonade team was a blessing, being able to meet someone you idolized for so long is a milestone within itself not to mention the amount of support the crowd put out during our set, if you don’t believe me, check the recap video. When me and @noie_j performance was over, I walked over to Cole and asked him if he caught out set, he told me yes he saw and it was amazing, I told him that within 1 year we would be working alongside him, he told me “oh for sure, I knew that when I saw you on stage”

What do you hope people gain when hearing your music?

Flex: I hope they enjoy my work, I want them to know that I put my all into it and I want them to listen when they are in a good, bad and so/so mindset. I try to create as much different music as I can. Overall I need them to know that seeing the content I put out performed live, will give you a better perspective on me as well as everything I do.

Let’s talk long term what are you hoping to improve? Where do you see yourself in the next year or two?

Flex: Soon I hope to improve by providing more content with artist, (as of late) i haven’t really had the connection to work with artist who are blowing up so I would love to deliver that to my supporters. Within the next year or 2 I hope to be involved with a label of some sort who can take care of getting my music out to as many people as possible. Being an independent artist with no management nor portion team seems to complicate things when it comes to releases and announcements.

You had such an amazing year last year and even the start of this year. What should we be on the lookout for within the remainder of this year from Flex?

Flex: Tours, festivals, shows, more merch more Flex! My next project, “Not Dead Yet”, will release end of May/beginning of June, featuring a hand full of artist you know and some you don’t but really wanna see me work with, as well as production (mostly) by Baker Yung, and a lot more credited producers. With the success and departure of artist such as Maxo Kream, Tedy Andreas, John Ibe, Lil Rarri, Sauce Walka and more. Houston has a blank canvas and no one has painted on it yet. With the help of others such as Noie J, King Khanyo, LunitikNoVae, Don toliver, Kringe, Tisa Korean, and plenty more, I plan on showing the world the new Houston wave is here and ready to rage!


Tune into this cool recap video of Flex and Noie J's performance at the first Lyrical Lemonade showcase and comment. Also tune into TheRealFlexGod social outlets at:

Twitter: @TheRealFlexGod

Soundcloud: TheRealFlexGod

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