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The ART in Itself: Art

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"I know what I want my future to be and I will strive to that because my music speaks volumes."



Behind The Artist:


Tyler, TX. Who is Art you ask? Art represents her initials, but in addition to this she is a mystery with artistic qualities. She is developing and will not know exactly who she is until she becomes the legend she plans to be. Always possessing a deep passion for differentiating melodies and harmonies along with the feelings it gave her, Art identified her gift.Growing up in Tyler, Texas, a rather small town, Art was surrounded by music leading her to singing and songwriting and as she got older it was her natural instinct to pursue her craft. However, with small towns often follow smaller visions. As the young artist began to indulge in her gift, "Ariel, it's hard to get in the music industry" and "You won't be able to make it, just go to school" grew to become common. Soon after the comparisons arose and later a violation, the artist sank into dark times. Granted she sang in the Varsity choir and show choir as the head and was voted best Alto things just didn't seem like they were enough. "I was ashamed and never felt like I was taken seriously, says Art.

Upon attending school at Prairie View A&M University is where Art fell back in love with the Art in itself and when undergoing a major heartbreak it influenced her music along the way. Freshman year would be the year that she rethought everything leading to the conclusion that it was time to rise above it all and the following year she was destined to lay down her first feature and hasn't stopped since. Being a junior in college Art says, "I know what I want my future to be and I will strive to that because my music speaks volumes".Coming into 2018, Art has hopes of gaining more publicity, people alongside to help and work with her furthering her craft, and maintaining faith. I proceeded to ask her about upcoming projects and she proceeded to saying,"I will be releasing a couple of songs where someone will think I'm talking about them or to them. Stay tuned", says Art.


For more on the artist check out all social platforms, also tune into her single FWM, exclusively here at

Twitter: @officiallyART

Instagram: @toosweettay

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