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Opportunity Knocks: Vegas

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"I'm an opportunist, if I see an opportunity that's gone benefit me and my family I'm going to jump."


 When one door closes, a window opens. Vegas, a 19 year old rapper from Winston-Salem, North Carolina is excelling to new heights and with emerging opportunities along with his unique work ethic it is certainly sending him on long strides towards success. Like most, music has always been instinctive for Vegas however, it is his willingness to step out of his comfort zone and take heed to direction from others to enhance his skill that sets him apart. 

As a kid, Vegas was rather hands on when it came to music. Playing several instruments such as the African drum, the sax, and having a little experience on piano was the start of a new beginning for the young creative. Along the way he was influenced by many greats from Gucci Mane and Young Thug to Biggie, Kanye, and Juicy J. However, it wasn't until high school came around that things would take a turn for the better. Vegas began rapping with the help of his fellow friend convincing him to record his first song, he picked out a beat from Youtube and the rest was history, from that day forward Vegas was adamant on working. "One of my strengths is


my confidence. I know if no one supports me that I'm going to support myself. I also won't limit myself to my comfort zone... I'm an opportunist, if I see an opportunity that's going to benefit me and my family I'm going to jump." says Vegas. It is his aim to put himself and his loved ones on the map that keeps him afloat. The artist says that the people surrounding him and his hometown have both been very influential on his road to success. He's also looking to enhance the music scene in his city and those that neighbor it. "The music scene where I'm from has some work to do, there are a couple of groups that are trying to help give opportunity to the musical community, but then again there is always a select few that shed hate and don't wish to see others prosper out of fear that if someone else makes it from the same area that it will lead to failure on their end or loss of "clout"", says Vegas. Above it all Vegas is remaining consistent, with talk of a second tape, Guerrilla Glue hosted by Vegas' Dj, DJ K.ID, releasing in addition to more singles and video releases underway there's certainly a lot to talk about in regards to the artist. Stay tuned for more.

"The ultimate goal is to keep working, keep networking and forming the right connects until I make something shake with my career. Oh and buy my mama a house UDIGG!!"

- Vegas

For more on the artist check out all social media outlets:

Soundcloud: itsvegasudigg

Instagram: @itsvegasofficial

Twitter: @YungVegasBxtch

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