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Off With Their Heads: Kay Kay Interview

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Turn that anger into pressure.

Behind the artist

New year, new pressure. This young socialite is reaching new heights after the recent reveal of her hidden talents. Female rapper, Kay Kay, received mass exposure after uploading an intense, jaw dropping freestyle to Soulja Boy's single, Donk. Catching the eyes of many including myself, this was certainly an Instagram post that deserved more. From then on Kay Kay was consistent with weekly freestyles and even releasing more remixes such as "Nat Nat" as well as various features onto the Soundcloud platform.


Who is Kay Kay?

Kay Kay: I'm 19, young, African-American who is pursuing her purpose, going after a rap career. I'm not in school, so I'm doing this full-time.

when did rapping come into play? At what moment did you realize that this something that you wanted to do?

kay kay: Honestly, I've always been good at writing. In school I used to receive awards for my papers and things of the such. When I was really young, I dropped a video on Facebook with me rapping and it had went crazy and my mom insisted that I kept doing it but I didn't take it seriously. But recently, what made me start taking it seriously, see I live in Atlanta, so I was going through some things and it's not hard you know living on your own out there but with work and not being in school I was just frustrated about something so I wrote a song just to go off about everything and posted it on Instagram just for fun. This was back in September and everyone went crazy. So I thought I should keep doing this and from then on I took it seriously.

Are there any artist in particular that influenced you?

kay kay: YES! Nicki Minaj, hands down. If you know me, you know I love Nicki Minaj. She's my favorite artist, I like Beyonce as well even though she's a singer, she's my second favorite female artist. G Herbo is one of my favorite male artist. Gucci Mane! That's one of my favorite male artist. Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj, those are my top two.

Has living in Atlanta and growing up in Winston Salem influenced you at all? With atlanta being the hotspot right now with music and female artist such as Bali baby, Omeretta, etc has that held an impact on you?

Kay Kay: No, because all of that is kind of new. Everyone was doing it for fun at first even Bali. Bali started out doing this fun so no, I wouldn't say there's some impact.

Have you worked with anyone in North Carolina closely?

Kay Kay: The only person I've worked with is 1k and he's an artist in 30 runners. We did a song together called "Go Get The Money".

Do you plan to put North Carolina on?

Kay Kay: I want to because you know there aren't many famous people from Winston , there's ton from North Carolina but not Winston. Everyone knows Jerrika, but there's no one really repping the Tre-4. I want Winston to be a lot like Atlanta, because there's a lot of talent here we just need to learn how to come together and we could really pop.

Tell us about Nat Nat.

Kay Kay: Nat Nat is something that refers to me coming up, I used to always go through a lot with females even now honestly but I don't pay it as much of attention as I used to. You know how females are, they just be hating and so that's how Nat Nat came about. I just thought I would put that on paper. Tell the world what's up, we need to push them to the side and everyone needed to know. I wrote Nat Nat and everyone loves Nat Nat. I had to put myself back in that spot and say "No, I'm tired of these little Nat Nats, tired of everyone running their mouth". That's where that came about.

How are you feeling about the drop?

Kay Kay: I'm kind of nervous, however at the same time I'm not. I've always been that person that if I like it then I'm cool. So no one has to like it, I'm nervous but I'm not, I know people are anticipating on seeing it but I'm ready because I have a lot more coming that's just the beginning.