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Heat of the Week:

Updated: Mar 29, 2020



1. the quality of being hot; high temperature.


The Underground has been booming all week with music from Leland650 to Father Chill, a variety of smoke has been released. I've decided to start releasing weekly list of some works from underground artist that I have had on repeat whether EPs or singles believe me they're posted. The MaraMGT is here to share the wealth and a few smooth sounds.



It's been nearly a week since Leland650 dropped his track LOFTY, the smooth track produced by 2500's own Rich Gates and fellow producer Wavisland caught me by storm. Keeping a following towards the artist, I feel as though his sneak attack approach always has the best outcome. The artist does well at keeping his audience and competition guessing and with LOFTY he gave everyone a run for their money. "I'm in the gutter switching lanes, I don't like bowling". FIRE. Nailing each bar with his effortless metaphors and the game's livest young producers.

I'm beyond impressed.

The 6-Track EP was released roughly five days and is surely in my bird's eye view. Something about Chill just grabbed my attention, difficult to place my finger on, but you know it's something that's rare. No matter the project nor track, the artist has variation and for me personally that's key in order to draw me in. I enjoyed the EP overall, but CARDINAL. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER. Chill, you have you one. I'm not big on comparisons but if you guys are Cole fans than you're even more of a chill fan.This Lyricist is my secret weapon. Congratulations and job well done.

"Had to bust a couple juggs, I make sh*t happen". A complete description of how 2017 has gone for Don600 in solely one line. From the time I've came in contact with this young artist it has been constant work and releases. And being only two days in of release his single, Run It Up, 600 is ending this year on a positive note along with inclining ratings. This modern rap beat produced by tvsh is a win. Don, 2018 you're on one.

- Mara

I try not to be bias but NC's got talent and Cedo Hefner is shining as a living proof of that. College featuring Real was released nearly a week ago and literally every time I've let the track play five more times have followed. The track emulates the South and it's culture and not to mention mastering with Jerrybeats on the production. With the way I'm vibing to this track don't be surprised if it's back on here next week.

Hef, thank you.

- Mara

Stace always falls through with something bouncy with a catch. It's been a little over a week since Blip produced by Sadder was released and it's views are only increasing by the moment. One word, fye.

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