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Backseat Freestyle: Dange

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We all have those mere moments that we reminisce on, recollecting on times in the back seat listening to the soft, soulful sounds of the 90's R&B and Hip Hop. Oh how the sound drove our parents wild. For Dange it was indulging in new sounds and a craze over the vibrations of the car's bass. And it was then that he decided that music was the ultimate route for him, he wanted to become an artist. Dange's stepfather also played a role in his musical journey, though his stepfather is a college professor today, he lived his younger days involved in music with some of Houston's most notable artist such as Z-Ro, Bun B, Scareface, and many more. The producer says that this was influential to him not only for the experience but it was exposure to the business side of the music industry.

From producing and mixing and mastering to recording and performing, it is clear that the young artist's days typically consist of working on his craft. He also spends time on researching and observing the industry to develop an understanding of the ins and outs. "I like the idea that you can create a product that can be consumed and shared amongst millions of people. I love the fact that music today is very powerful and influential to the masses. And the various artists who create good music to resonate with fans." says Dage in regards to his likes of the music business. But when it comes to the music business and it's cons, the artist dislikes the crooked business deals and sometimes music that lacks meaning. However, as a part of the new wave he does like the amount of creativity being produced and brought to the table nowadays. " I definitely understand and respect the hustle." says Dange. Wait there's more, Dange hopes to put together a showcase performance of his music as well as collaborating with a few Dj's or promoters nearby.


For more on the artist, tune into the tracks below. And check out both Twitter and Souldcloud for exclusives:

Twitter: @Danger_eris

Soundcloud: Hoolagang

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