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Living Through Music: D.HILL

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

As a kid D.HIll developed a love for music following under the influence of greats such as Nas, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and even the world renowned, Michael Jackson. Fascinated by words and expression at a young age, D.Hill began to write his own music at the age of seven. He also had a youth pastor that put his skills to the test by offering him a verse on one of his upcoming songs. With readiness and the proper execution, the artist recalls this as one of the most valuable moments for him as an artist.

For D.Hill, balance and dedication is key to a successful path. Whether handling real world responsibilities, the artist always manages to dedicate a bare minimum of 30 minutes a day towards his craft. I got the chance to ask D.Hill what was both his favorite and least favorite things about the industry and he replied with, "What I love most about the music is that it’s a free world. You can literally say what you feel with no pressure not depending on who it matters to and that you get benefits of life off of being genuinely happy. What I like least about the music industry is how some of these rappers who make up their own vocabulary skills and what not, make it so big and it makes me feel they never really put the grind in to do it besides talking behind a wild beat tempo". By Christmas or Valentine's Day 2018, D.Hill anticipates on dropping an album in hopes of bringing back potential for the future if music and keeping the wave alive.

For more on D.Hill, check out the artist's SoundCloud and Instagram:

SoundCloud: D.Hill

Instagram: @d.hill__

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