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Locked In: King Kaeto

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

From recording tracks in his friend's garage to spitting over smooth, melodic sounds, King Kaeto certainly has reached a new peak. With his self-introduction to the industry and recent release of his Gemini EP, the Hip-Hop/R&B artist has a distinct swagger worth chiming in on.

Not a day goes by where you can't find Kaeto with a set of headphones. The artist says he has an well-defined ear for music and doesn't show favoritism to one particular genre. "I know good music when I hear it so I respect every genre". Though the artist doesn't record much, he manages to take time out to lock in and song write, sometimes taking five minutes or five days to complete a piece. The artist says that vibes determine it all. Kaeto feels as though you can send any form of message through music and that's one of the pros about the New Wave of music. "Every sub genre has its own feel and own vibe. I love listening to underground artists. You'd be surprised how much talent is out there and people sleep on them bc they are a "SoundCloud rapper" which sucks but it's how it is these days." says King Kaeto. However, with pros comes cons, King Kaeto feels as though the industry is consumed by greed and granted a contract has its perks he would much rather stay true to self and remain independent.

King Kaeto aspires to be one of the best artist to rise out of Chicago with hopes of one day having Drake feature on one of his tracks. Most importantly he wants to make sure his family and friends are well taken care of. "I just want to be recognized for what I put out into the world..... I just want to be great".

For more on King Kaeto, check out the artist's Twitter and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @KingStaineDa1st

Soundcloud: King Kaeto


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