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He SO Lit: KapeThaGoat

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

KapeThaGoat and his production on the boards is a hot topic within the Soundcloud realm, from being the man behind GrownBoiTrap's "Lit " featuring D Savage and working with other known artist rising to fame from Soundcloud, Kape is certainly sitting under a candid camera. However, for the producer reaching great levels of success rose from a deeper cause.

Coming up, Kape witnessed most if not all of his idols steer down the wrong path or do time for various crimes they committed, and it was then that the producer knew he wanted more for himself. In efforts to avoid the street lifestyle and remaining productive during down time he began to produce. Always secretly knowing how to work FL Studio, it wasn't until last year that the producer began to take his talent seriously and once he got the ropes he was set in motion to get his work into the public eye. Soon after, the young producer linked with a fellow producer known as Xangang, who later introduced Kape to his brother Rob $urreal and it was then that the two brothers decided to make Kape an addition to their group, Surreal Gang.

A typical week for the producer consist of preparing at least 10 or more beats and with little time to spare he's always cooking up something fresh for his listeners to tune into. Some of Kape's favorite things about the music industry and what its done for him is the opportunity that it has brought upon. Connecting with other producers from various countries such as Korea and Russia, he says that music was one thing that bridged the cultural gap between them. On the contrary, he hates the politics of the game. Kape says, "I know plenty of people who are going harder than these big name artist and producers but aren't given the proper exposure. I can honestly say that’s what holding people back".

By the end of this year, he hopes to see his work hit a million plays and get the chance to work with a few off his favorite artist. I asked Kape what was something that he likes about the New Wave and he responded, "I like all the new energy and music that is constantly dropping and how this music scene is evolving. From artist using the Soundcloud platform and elevating going platinum and make a name for themselves in this industry, it's always good to see somebody getting better". And with his outlook and work tactics I feel as though the producer is on the way to achieving great things. KapeThaGoat is a prime example of what the New Wave stands for and for that I will stand as a supporter of his work.


Tune into KapeThaGoat on Soundcloud and Twitter and check out a few of his sounds below:

Twitter: @KapeTheGoat

Soundcloud: KapeThaGoat

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