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Pursuit of Happiness: Father Chill

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

 With happiness being his main influence, Father Chill decided  to take great leaps into the musical realm. Having the ability to vocalize his thoughts and himself through bars, Chill discovered that rapping was his niche. For the artist, a typical week consists of finding the perfect beat and subject to get his pen flowing for in his eyes beat selection is everything. 

Father Chill is currently working on the finishing touches of his first LP, no release date or further details have been given, however the artist is anxious for viewers to see how much work was put into the project.  As a member of the New Wave, I asked Chill were a few of his favorite things about the movement and the artist responded,"One thing I like about the "New Wave" is the fact that the artists do not care about who doesn't like their music. Everybody is making music for themselves and their core fan bases. I think that's pretty unique in a time where your music is easily accessible and everyone can hear your music and give you feedback. Being able to handle criticism is definitely what I like the most about the new wave".

Father Chill's, "Absent" official video.

For more on Father Chill, tune into the artist's Soundcloud and Twitter:

Soundcloud: Chill96

Twitter: @FatherChill

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