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California Dreaming: Nani

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

In the midst of chaos and confusion, musical works from legends Stevie B and Gregory Isaacs had shed some light onto the young artist's path and through turmoil Nani made a way. Nonetheless, it wasn't until Nani moved with his uncle in the Summer of 2016, that his unlucky streak would come to an end.

Initially, creating beats on FL Studio was an experimental thing for the artist until he started to grasping the ropes and from then on doors were opening. Nani developed new talents such as recording himself over his own beats, though it took months Nani has certainly accomplished a lot within a year. "It's not a jugg or a finesse into fame but this is really my life. Even when I'm old I'm still going to be making music." says Nani. The stars are indeed in line for Nani and he is expecting to have a project or two releasing within the next couple of months.

For more on Nani, tune into his Twitter and Soundcloud for future updates.

Twitter: @Naniinquiries

Soundcloud: Oungaggz

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