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On The Edge: Chef P

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The good, the bad, and the ugly. At a time filled of great depression, music helped Chef P decipher the three and also led to him finding not only a passion but himself. It was the drug that would ease his pain and give him the strength to take on new endeavors.

Mac Miller's Macadelic Mixtape helped P rise up against the hardships in life and actually analyze the world around him and the burdens that had been brought upon and for the first time he actually felt emotions. Whether they were good or bad, they helped him develop a mindset of either do music or it was the ends to everything. He developed new strengths that kept him level headed and numb to anything that tried to block his course.

As a part of the New Wave, I asked Chef P what was one thing that he liked about it most and he replied, "I lowkey feel like I'm leading the new wave. I feel like as long as I can connect with these people I can never lose. We are the new wave!" Chef P wants to be more active and partake in shows so he can really look into his fans eyes and feel each other's emotions, giving him the life that he always craved.

For more on Chef P, tune into his Twitter and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @OfficialChefP

Soundcloud: OfficialChefP


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